Applying for China Student Visa From Nigeria

Applying for China Student Visa From Nigeria: You have seen their movies and have heard a lot about China and now you want to experience it yourself. Getting a student visa to study in China as a Nigerian is not really hard especially when you have the right information.

You have to recognize exactly what classification of visa you are applying for. The factor is, that every category has various demands, some are subject to less analysis compared to others. So it is crucial that you recognize exactly what the purpose of your journey is and model your application towards that.




Applying for China Student Visa From Nigeria


The visa you will apply for as a tourist will be different from the type of Visa a businessman or someone going to study in China will apply for.

The question this article wants to answer is how to apply for China student Visa from Nigeria and that is what I will be discussing below.

Types of China Student Visa

There are 2 types of student visas (X1 and also x2).

X1 Visa

A Chinese student (X1) visa is commonly provided for long-lasting research (greater than 180 days) in China.

X2 Visa

A Chinese student (X2) visa is usually provided for a short-term research study (much less compared to 180 days) in China.

Documents Required to Get a China Study Visa

The approval or denial of your Visa will be determined by these documents below. You will have to pay attention.

1. A Valid Nigerian International Passport

Initial ticket and also one copy of the information web page. The passport should be signed, legitimate for 6 months past remain in China, and also with at the very least two empty ticket web pages offered. You can read how to apply here.

2. China Visa Application Form

One signed visa application. Every field on the application needs to be responded to, please answer NONE if the concern does not apply to you. Applications must be typed in block funding letters; transcribed modifications are not accepted. The signature on the application has to match the signature on the candidate’s passport.

3. Passport Photographs

One color photo that fulfills the following strict criteria: taken within the last 6 months, against an all-white history, published on high-quality picture paper, 48 mm tall x 33 mm broad exactly, offer the complete frontal view of your head with your face focused in the center and showing a neutral (non-smiling) expression, eyes open, ears noticeable, no background light or shadow over your face, neither eyeglasses nor headwear with the exception of spiritual objectives, you must not wear any kind of garment similar to the photo background, your picture needs to not be affixed to your application and it might not display proof of glue tape or staples

4. Official Invitation
  • For short-term study in China, the original and one xerox of Admission Notification released by an institution or school in China.
  • For long-term research in China, the original and also one copy of an accepted Foreign student Application Form (JW201 or JW202) provided by the

Chinese unit, and an enrollment letter from the Chinese college. The JW202 should be signed by the pupil under the right of the form in blue ink.

5. Medical Certificate

Official certificate of polio vaccination within 1 year to be created upon arrival in China. The officials will not want you to have any issue that might put the school at risk. I will also advise you not to use a fake medical certificate.


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