Download Bamboo App to Buy and Sell Hundreds Of Nigerian and U.S. Stocks

Right here on this page article we shall be discussing on everything concerning bamboo apk. how you can invest, trade, buy and sell hundreds on Nigerian and U.S. stocks. All you need here is to download bamboo app to get started.We have discovered so many advantages with bamboo registration so we are to recommend to you to download and install bamboo to have an account and join to trade online from your location.

About Bamboo

Bamboo app helps you to gain unrestricted access to over 3,000 stocks listed on the Nigerian stock exchange and U.S. stock exchanges, right from your mobile phone or computer. It helps you to explore and choose from hundreds of NG and US stocks. We’ve made it fast and seamless to discover the best local and global companies to invest in.

Lets guide you on the advantages of you registering with bamboo investment portal:

*Instant Trading*

Whether you want to invest in companies you believe in and hold, or you wish to frequently liquidate your position to take advantage of the ups and downs of the market, you can begin realizing your dreams and profits.

*Secured Trading*

Bamboo protects you by ensuring all your trades and positions are insured by the SIPC and FINRA up to $500,000. You can freely buy and sell US stocks knowing that your money is safe.

*Unprecedented access*

Non-US citizens have had severely limited access and high barriers of entry to the US stock market. Bamboo is providing an incredible opportunity to invest in over 3,000 stocks, with a market capitalization of over 21 trillion USD.

*Fractional Investing*

You can start investing with as little as N15,000 in any company you desire. Our partnerships enable Bamboo users to own fractions of shares in different companies thereby giving users even more options to trade the stocks they desire.

*Earn, earn, earn!*

The US stock market is one of the most exciting and definitely the largest stock exchange market in the world. With over 3.6 billion shares traded daily, there are infinite opportunities for you to make a fortune while buying or selling from a variety of stocks.

How to Download Bamboo App On Android, PC and Other Smartphones

Having seen what bamboo investment is all about below here we shall guide you on few steps to successful download and install of the bamboo app on your mobile device.

  1. Open your mobile data connection
  2. Open through your browser
  3. Type google play store
  4. Search for bamboo on google play store
  5. Click on install to get started and have it downloaded on your device.

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