Fmwhatsapp apk Download Latest Version 2020 – Install Fmwhatsapp apk

Have you been in search on how to download the latest version of whatsapp mod that has so many features in it. so for you to get free steps to  Fmwhatsapp apk Download Latest Version click here to get started.In here on this page article before we start showing how to download new version of fmwhtasapp apk and their feature, i would like to introduce to you what this app is all about.

What is FMWhatsapp Apk?

FMWhatsapp app is a well modified application perfectly designed to whatsapp Andriod devices. This social apk is the largest and the most fastest growing social media accepted all over the world for easy and reliable communications through families and friends .

NOTE: These are 100% virus-free apps from our team well tasted and trusted.
Below are the legal basic procedures on how to download and install this Apk. Before we proceed, let us look at the basic futures of fmwhatsapp Messenger apk

Features of Fmwhatsapp apk Download Latest Version

Messaging is such an important part of our lifestyle that about one-sixth of our daytime we spend on texting. One of the most popular applications on the mobile platform is WhatsApp. It is available in both Android as well as iOS. Though, there are people out there who are not very pleased with the privacy options as well as the stock look of the app.

The most important aspect of all these social sites is the security of personal data. Surveys concluded that the highest demand is for encryption and security. For these factors can pace up the risk of crimes and unreliability.

Hacked systems are some grave issues, which arise through social media platforms. This is why while choosing any social app the users must check the security features. Other aspects that you might be needing are the options for sharing images, videos and voices notes. Statuses and stories are an addition to that but the more it is the better it gets.

This is why FMWhatsApp serves as the perfect alternative for those who need a chat app that offers them privacy options to tweak with. There are a plethora of features that this app offers which its users do not have any idea about. This is why in this article, we are going to talk about the best features of fmwhatsapp that will help you to make your experience with the app better

Call Filter: 

WhatsApp calls are not very convenient this is why it is very important to have a way to tackle such a scenario.

unwanted calls is the most disturbing things one can face in this era. so many social medial does not come with this feature and the users have to ultimately block people from their friend list. Blocking is a harsh behavior, however of the application has got filtering option then your life can be easy.

FMWhatsApk offers its users the feature to get the call filter set on the number from whom you do not want calls over your chat app. This will help you to keep the focus and concentration on point.


One of the biggest and largest factors that WhatsApp lack is that it does not offer themes. This is one of the biggest deal-breakers for people who want to make the app look the way they want that as they use it the most.

But, FMWhatsApp offers a complete store from where you can get themes for your app. This is amazing and has a ton of themes, so you will find the one you want to apply and use

Against Delete Messages 

In the event that you would prefer not to enable others to erase their visit with you, at that point attempt FM WhatsApp.  offers selective an enemy of erase highlight inside each visit. In the wake of empowering that choice, that fellow won’t almost certainly erase sent messages with you. Not minding whether, they can do “Erase for Everyone”, despite everything you’ll see it close by. Along these lines, try this Anti-Delete Message highlight of FMWA.

Textual styles and different mods 

Changing textual styles is perhaps the coolest change everybody attempts. I can recall my previous days when I had a go at changing text style each day on Samsong portable by means of Themes. Same with WhatsApp.

This FMWhatsApp mod additionally accompanies inbuilt Lock, Hide Media from Gallery, Pin Chats and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

3. Emoji: 

Everyone agrees  that WhatsApp has a stock user interface, not to mention Emojis which are boring and dull. On the other hand, FMWhatsApp offers a variety of Emoji options such as Facebook, Android P, Old Stock Emoji, Apple Emoji, etc. This is said to be the reason why the majority of the young ones are attracted to fmwhatsapp.

4. High-quality image sharing:

 If you are a professional who has a lot of work around images then sharing over FMWhatsApp will be quite impactful. This is because, on this app, you can share High-resolution images without  losing any quality of the picture.  This is said to be the most liked feature of the application.

Moreover, there are options where you can set the quality in terms of percentage. This way, not only you will be able to save the data, but at the same time, you will be able to change the sending quality as per the need.

5. Fonts and Icons: 

Fonts and Icons are a major part of the experience that we enjoy while using a mobile application especially messaging apps. So, if you are a fan of custom fonts or are just bored with the stock icons, then you can select some interesting ones from the theme store. This is also said to be among  the best features of Fmwhatsapp.

6. Call Filter/Blocker 

FM WhatsApp accompanies an element called Call Blocker (Filter). It helps in keeping away from unwanted and irrelevant  calls from obscure numbers. You may have seen that we get calls from obscure numbers on WhatsApp. Another situation is getting a superfluous call while doing some work. In this way, in FMWhatsApp you can confine who can call you and who will not call you on WhatsApp. The component permits picking a few contacts who you can simply set just spared contacts will probably call you.

Steps to Fmwhatsapp apk Download Latest Version

Well, let’s move to the steps to install this smartphone application. The procedure is easy and straightforward, and you don’t have to look to root your Android device.

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Since the app isn’t downloaded from the Google Play Store, a warning of ‘ Unknown Sources ‘ might come in. Here’s how this error can be solved.

  • Go to your Android device’s Settings for first.
  • Now go to the Privacy Menu and click on Additional Settings.
  • There is “Allow Unknown Sources Setup“
  • Just make it and take the following further steps.

Step 1: The application file is first downloaded from the above link.
Step 2: Click FMWhatsApp to open a download folder Apk.
Step 3: Click next and download your phone application

Privacy and App lock:

Privacy is one of the priorities of any user who is using WhatsApp. So, in FMWhatsApp you can hide your Online Status, Typing Status, Blue Tick, Double Tick, etc.

You can filter calls so that only those selected contacts will be able to call you.
After you have downloaded this app you will be able to lock it with the help of PIN or Pattern for making it safe.
Media Sharing: If you want to remove the limit of sharing media of minimum 30 and files of maximum 100 MB then you can use FMWhatsApp because it removed the limit of sharing files.

Customization: If you get feeling bored with any kind of UI of WhatsApp then you can change the theme and everything of FMWhatsApp for getting some new look and it makes you interest while using it. The best thing is everyday new themes get added in FMWhatsApp.

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