Health Benefit Of Breast Milk – Best Nutrient Source Of Income For Infants

Health Benefit Of Breast Milk – Best Nutrient Source Of Income For Infants – The first natural food available to the newborn is breast milk. It is a complete diet. this complete diet has been found to be adequate to sustain within the first six months age without need of supplemental food.A study has showed that even infants from the poor socio economical background can grow normally during the first six month of their life on milk of their mother. After six months, mothers milk shows small deficit in energy.

Protien intake through breast milk alone is found to be adequate to meet the need of the infant in the first six month of life.

Health Benefit Of Breast Milk

  1. Colostrums are rich in protein,vitamins and minerals which the baby needs to be healthy and strong.
  2. Colostrums also helps to protect the baby from infection and will also prevent the baby from allergies.
  3. Colostrums also helps cleans the newborns bowels.
  4. There are certain unique anti-infection proper of human milk.
  5. The human immunoglobulin Synthesized by the lactating mother into milk affords the baby protection against infection, since infants are not capable of fabricating their own immunoglobulin.

Having seen the characteristics of breast milk, let us now look into the difference between human milk and artificial milk below.

Difference Between Human Milk And Artificial Milk {COW MILK}.

  1. Human milk has about twice as much as cow milk.
  2. Cow milk contains more than three times as much as protein.
  3. Calcium Levels are approximately four times higher and prosphorus content six times higher in cow milk
  4. Artificial milk has four times as much riboflavin as human milk.The higher protein,calcium,phosphorus and riboflavin of artificial milk.the enzymes in the digestive system of the human infant are not so effective as to make use of the high protein content found in artificial milk.
  5. Curd derived from artificial milk is hard when compared with human milk curd.
  6. Mineral composition of breast milk is perfectly suited to the kidneys of the newborn and has important homeostatic effect in the first of the infant life.
  7. Lactose is higher in human milk, galactose a hydrolytic product of lactose is important for the synthesis of cerebrosides and lactose increases the retention of dietary calcium in the gut.
    8. Sodium content is lower in human milk, 10 MEqu against MEqu in artificial milk,
    Having gotten the above tips on breast milk and its benefits, all nursing mothers should make sure that their infant are well breast fed exclusively with breast milk.since breast milk have provides all the nutrient their infant will need within the first 6 month of lifted.
    if there be any reason why the mother should away from home during feeding time,let her express milk into card under normal room temperature.

NOTE:- If an expressed milk is refrigerated,it should be used within 6hours it is expressed.
Summary, a breast fed baby or infant is a healthy and a happy baby.

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