Hot jobs in UK – Highest Paying Jobs UK without Degree

On this page article we shall be discussing with you about how to know the Hot Jobs in UK for you who have been in search on how to apply for the highest paying Uk jobs even with or without degree. So to get started keep reading as we guide you properly.

It an undeniable fact that some  jobs are popular than others. But what are the job seekers are interested in the most?

To find the answer, we analysed over one million keywords to see what UK job seekers were searching for the most. It might come as no surprise that the list was full of high-paying, skilled jobs with thousands of open vacancies. 

List Of Highest Paying Jobs UK without Degree

Average Base Salary: £20,055

Number of Open Jobs: ~4,205

What does a delivery driver do?

A delivery driver is responsible for delivering orders to customers on time. The job also involves reviewing orders for delivery, loading and unloading the van/truck/vehicle and providing customer service support to customers.

How can I get a job as a delivery driver?

You’ll need a full driving licence to be a delivery driver, good eyesight and some customer service skills – good communication. Look out for delivery jobs on Glassdoor.

Top companies hiring for a delivery driver?

There’s a high demand for delivery drivers and some of the top companies hiring include Asda, Abel & Cole, DFS, Just Eat and Amazon.

Average Base Salary: £43,000

Number of Open Jobs: ~22,791

What does a project manager do?

The term ‘project manager’ is broad, but typically a project manager’s responsibility is to plan, organise, control and deliver a project on time, within budget and within the scope set out at the start.

How can I get a job as a project manager?

People who work in project management tend to have a business-related degree. They may start at an assistant level and then move up. If you’re wanting to work in an area that’s not related to your degree, you can complete a postgraduate course in project management. Equivalent qualifications are also available.

Top companies hiring for a project manager?

Project managers work across all industries and some of the top companies hiring include Mace, Syngenta, GSK, The AA and Xero.

Average Base Salary: £29,250

Number of Open Jobs: ~4,537

What does a store manager do?

A store manager has responsibility for the day-to-day running of a store. Duties may include setting staff rotas, the hiring and training of new staff, motivating staff, developing promotional campaigns, managing budgets and dealing with customers.

How can I get a job as a store manager?

You don’t need a degree or specific qualifications to be a store manager. A general business sense will help, along with good communication skills and the ability to delegate. Most store managers start in a junior role and work their way up, or enrol on a store manager apprenticeship scheme.

Top companies hiring for a store manager?

Some of the top companies hiring for store managers include EE, The Furniture Store, Morrisons supermarket, The Body Shop and Costa Coffee.

Average Base Salary: £16,007

Number of Open Jobs: ~5,979

What does a customer assistant do?

A customer service assistant’s job is to help customers in any way they can. Depending on where you work, this may involve showing customers how products work, taking customer orders (face-to-face, over the phone or online), handling payment, dealing with customer queries or complaints and arranging store displays.

How can I get a job as a customer assistant?

Specific qualifications aren’t needed to be a customer service assistant, though previous experience in a similar job will make you stand out to companies who are hiring. Employers look for people who are friendly, have good communication and who genuinely want to help people.

Top companies hiring for a customer assistant?

Customer service assistants play an important function for stores as they’re the face of the business. Top companies hiring include The Co-op, Wickes, Lloyds Banking Group, Specsavers, Tesco and Lidl.

Average Base Salary: £17,967

Number of Open Jobs: ~2,700

What does a store assistant do?

A store assistant is similar to a customer service assistant, just that a store assistant typically works in retail. As a store assistant, you may be asked to help customers, take payment, clean the store, order stock and greet customers at the door.

How can I get a job as a store assistant?

Formal qualifications aren’t necessary to be a store assistant though employers may ask that you have a minimum of 5 GCSEs, including maths. Good communications skills are highly sought after as well as a friendly personality. Most employers offer training to their store assistants.

Top companies hiring for a store assistant?

If you want a job as a store assistant, these are some of the top companies hiring; Burberry, WH Smith, Aldi, Vision Express and REISS.

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