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Are you still looking or in searching to know those highly demand hot jobs in USA? If yes then you are very welcome as you shall be served with every help you maybe needing to apply here with job of your choice.

Your high school guidance counselor or college academic advisor may tell you to follow your passion, but for a lot of us, there’s one overriding question – where’s the money?

Whether you’re a student who’s still undecided what course to take in college or an employee who wants to make a career switch, you may want to consider these most in-demand jobs in the United States. A brief description of the job is provided, along with median salary and projected hiring growth. Jobs in healthcare and information technology dominate the list.


Top 10 Most Hot jobs in USA

Below here are the current list of the most demanded occupation in the United State of America.

1. Home Health Aide

A home health aide helps people with chronic illness, disabilities, or cognitive impairment with their daily activities. They can provide basic health-related services (such as checking of blood pressure), preparing meals, and running errands. Often, they help older adults who need assistance.

Median Salary – $22,600
Projected hiring growth by 2024 – 38%


2. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists help patients who are recovering from injury or illness to regain movement and manage pain. They do this through biomechanics, exercise, electrotherapy, and other techniques.


Median Salary – $84,020
Projected hiring growth by 2024 – 35%

3. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses keep patients’ records, administer medication, coordinate with other healthcare providers, monitor patients, and provide emotional support to patients and family members. They are employed in a broad variety of settings and usually specialize in a field of practice. They can work in hospitals, nursing homes, physician’s offices, and home health care services.

Median Salary – $68,450
Projected hiring growth by 2024 – 16%

4. Software Engineer

A software engineer is in charge of the design, development, maintenance, and testing of software and computer systems. Software engineers usually work with businesses or government agencies.

Median Salary – $98,270
Projected hiring growth by 2024 – 19%

5. Information Security Analyst

Hot jobs in USA


An information security analyst is involved in planning and carrying out security measures to safeguard the computer networks and systems of an organization. Information security analysts also undertake preventive measures such as copying and transferring data to an off-site location.

Median Salary – $90,282
Projected hiring growth by 2024 – 19%

6. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists help people raise their ability to do tasks in their living or working environments. They also work with individuals with physically, mentally, or developmentally disabling conditions. They help patients improve motor functions and reasoning abilities through physical exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Median Salary – $81,910
Projected hiring growth by 2024 – 27%

7. Web Developer

Hot jobs in USA

The job of a web developer involves designing, coding, and modifying websites. Web developers create visually appealing websites which feature user-friendly design and clear navigation. They aim to provide the best layout and function, according to clients’ specifications.

Median Salary – $66,130
Projected hiring growth by 2024 – 24%

8. Data Scientist

Data scientists use data and analytical ability to find and interpret data sources, manage large amounts of data, ensure consistency of data sets, and present the data insights/findings.

Median Salary – $111,267
Projected hiring growth by 2024 – 16%

9. Operations Manager

Hot jobs in USA

The operations manager’s job is to ensure an organization is running well, with service that is efficient and meets the needs of customers and clients. Specific responsibilities can vary between companies, but in general, it includes monitoring the system of production and improving it if necessary.

Median Salary – $97,730
Projected hiring growth by 2024 – 7%

10. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

A diagnostic medical sonographer is a person who uses ultrasonic imaging devices (ultrasound) to view and interpret images, scans, or 3D volumes for the diagnosis of medical conditions.

Median Salary – $64,280
Projected hiring growth by 2024 – 26%


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