How To Apply For A Greece Student Visa In Nigeria

In this article, we would show you how to apply for a Greece Student Visa in Nigeria. Most European Union (EU) countries welcome Nigerian and other international students. Greece is no exception. Meanwhile, the tuition fee in Greece is cheaper as compared to those of other countries such as the UK, US, France and Italy. Would you like to study in Greece? Read on for more information on Greece Student Visa in Nigeria.

how to apply for Greece student visa

What is Greece Student Visa in Nigeria?

The Greece student visa permits a Nigerian student to stay in the country for the duration of their study. There are different ways to apply for Greece student Visa in Nigeria, depending on the duration of your study.

You can apply for a Schengen short-stay visa, which is known as a type “C” visa, and the most popular of the Schengen visas. The duration for this visa is for 90 days, that it three months. If the course you intend taking is within 90 days, then you should apply for the Schengen Type “C” visa when applying for a Greece student visa in Nigeria.


But, if the duration of your course is more than three months, then you should apply for the Schengen type “D” visa. This visa is valid throughout the duration of your study in Greece.  You can only apply for a Greece student visa in Nigeria, if you’ve been offered admission into any of the institutions of higher learning in Greece.

Why You Should Study in Greece

Studying and living in Greece is very cheap especially when compared to many other EU and even North American countries. You could get a fairly good apartment in Athens, the capital city for less than 300 Euros a month. Now, this is chickenfeed when compared to the price of a decent apartment in Italy’s Rome where apartments could cost a thousand Euros for the same duration. Cheaper expenses will afford you the opportunity of saving money, and have your family or sponsor spending less on your education.

Greece is a very beautiful place. The country is made up of over 2000 Islands, with white and Black beaches. So for the nature lover, or for the one who loves to go to picturesque places, Greece is the palace to be.

Greece is the birthplace of westernization, so concepts such as democracy, equality before the law and many philosophical maxims were birthed here. It is the land of the great thinkers, the great philosophers. So if you are interested in the Humanities or related disciplines, Greece is a place you’d see your coursework come alive. Those in STEM are not exempted though, Greece Is the birthplace of scientists, such as Pythagoras the Mathematician, Hippocrates the very popular physician was also born in Greece.

The people of Greece are very warm and welcoming. The climate is temperate, the winters are good and the summers are just so beautiful. So you, as a Nigeria, can easily adjust to the climate in Greece.


The Greek language might be quite challenging to learn, however, a lot of schools offer their coursework in English language. If you want to work and study at the same time, however, then you’d need to learn to speak the language.

Nigerian Students in Greece

The population of Nigerians in Greece is over 3000, and over half of them are students, while the other half came for economic reasons. This stat was as at 2001, with the state of the Nigerian educational system at the moment that number will have gone up. This is because the number of young people trying to get Greek students visa in Nigeria has gone up as the years go by.

Greece Students Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

So what are some of the requirements for Greek student visa in Nigeria? we’ll be exploring that below.


As usual, every Nigerian trying to travel to an EU country will be properly scrutinized. So the first step in getting your Greece student visa in Nigeria is to fill the application form truthfully. You can download the form and fill, or you can fill it online, and then download then print out the finished copy.


– Two passport photographs which show your face fully and it must be taken against a white background or least taken in a well-lighted place.

– A valid Nigerian passport is needed and the passport must have at least two blank spaces.

– A medical insurance which covers your travel within Greece and Schengen area, to the tune of 30,000 Euros. You can get your affordable Greece travel medical insurance, starting from only NGN 3,250.

– A cover letter stating the purpose of your visit to Greece. Your cover letter can help you convince the consular that you are sincere about your purpose of trip.

– Acceptance letter or/admission letter from a school in Greece.

– Proof of sustenance for the time of your study. This could be a proof that your sponsor will actually be able to take care of your needs while you are studying in Greece. This can come in the form of an affidavit from your sponsors to show that they are willing to cover your expenses while you are in Greece. So their bank statements will be needed for a period of 6 months. If you’re on scholarship, you should be able to show proof of your scholarship.

– Flight reservation, carrying flight name, flight number, departure date and time.

– Criminal record from security agencies, most likely the federal police.

How to Apply for Greece Student visa in Nigeria: Step by Step

Once you can provide the required documents, you can go ahead to apply for Greece student visa in Nigeria. Take the followings steps:

1- Gain Admission

The most important step to take before or when applying for visa is to secure an admission in an educational institution in Greece. Apply to as many schools as possible to widen your chances of securing an admission. As you must have seen, admission letter is one of the vital documents when applying for Greece Student visa in Nigeria.

2- Book Appointment

After making sure that you have the required documents ready, you can book an appointment with the Embassy of Greece.

3- Attend Interview

On the communicated date of interview, you should visit the embassy with the required documents. You would pay your Greece visa fee in cash at the embassy.

4- Wait for Embassy’s Decision

Then, you can await the embassy’s decision on your application. The immigration authorities of Greece would vet your documents and reach a conclusion on your application. Then ask you to come pick up your document.

Greece Visa Appointment Booking

After summiting the documents for getting your Greece student visa in Nigeria, you’d be required to come to the Greek embassy for an interview. You’re going to schedule for an interview, between 2 weeks and 4 weeks time, you can do this in person, weather at the Abuja or Lagos embassy, depends on which is closer to you. It can also be done by sending them an email at

Greece Student Visa Processing Time

After completing all the necessary steps to be taken for your Greece student Visa in Nigeria, this includes filling your form and attending your interview, there will be a waiting period of between 1 week to 1 month. Sometime within this time, you’d be contacted for your visa or sent the information that your Visa application was denied. Students visa to Greece though are rarely denied, especially if you meet all the criteria, this includes financial. So there’s no need to panic.

 In Conclusion

Greece is a beautiful place to be in it is surrounded by three seas, and has a lot of sights which are waiting to be seen. The people of Greece are very hospitable, and the government of Greece also welcomes students from Africa into her institutions. So, getting a Greece student visa, is not daunting at all, all you need do is follow the given instructions.



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