How to get a job in Hungary as a foreigner

How to get a job in Hungary as a foreigner:

Finding a job in Hungary can seem intimidating, but if you know the ins and outs of the process and have some help at hand, it can be a painless process.

How to get a job in Hungary as a foreigner

More and more expatriates are starting to overlook typical global destinations, and instead, focusing their attention on locations across Eastern and Central Europe, more specifically, locations such as Hungary. If you are considering the idea of living and working in Hungary, there are a few things you will need to know to land your dream job. Here are some great tips on how to get a job in Hungary as a foreigner:

1. Understand the job market in Hungary

Since Hungary forms part of the European Union and lies within the Schengen Area, the benefits of working and living in Hungary can be abundant. Hungary has a robust and diversified economy that focuses on a high production level across various sectors. This means that job opportunities within the IT, engineering, and tourism industry is in plentiful supply for ex-pats.

Although most of Hungary’s jobs are located in and around the capital of Budapest, you might still be able to find incredible opportunities with international companies based in lesser-known locations such as Kecskemet and Gyor.

2. Know which permits and visas to apply for

Depending on your nationality, the process of applying for and starting a job in Hungary can vary. European nationals can apply for jobs in the same way as Hungarian nationals, and having an EU passport will also ensure that you do not need a work permit in Hungary.

Non-EU citizens will have to apply for jobs with employers that are willing to support their work permits. The process of applying for work permits can take up to nine months and usually needs to be accompanied by other relevant documentation such as proof of residence and a health insurance certificate, which are generally organized by the employer sponsoring the permit.

Before applying for your permit, you will need a valid job offer from the employer after the position has been advertised for 15 days to give Hungarian citizens an opportunity to apply. This forms part of the application ex-pats have to make for a work-based combined residence permit. The consolidated permit application needs to be applied for in your home-country consulate, or if you entered the country on a visitor’s visa, you would have to apply at the Hungary Immigration Authority.

3. Do your dream job in Hungary

If you are not in the IT, engineering, or tourism industry and would still like to find a job in Hungary as a foreigner, you can always consider the idea of TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) jobs.

Another option might also be to work online while living in Hungary. Depending on your skills and the income you generate on a monthly basis, you might easily be able to afford the cost of living in Hungary by working remotely.

There are so many great job opportunities for ex-pats living in Hungary, which is why you should not feel limited to finding a job in the IT, engineering, or tourism industry. Take your time and find a job you love doing in a place you will love living in!

4. Know where to network

Networking is one of the best ways to advance your career, and yes, you can still do it as an ex-pat. In fact, The Budapest Fair Center (also known as the Hung Expo Center), is one of Hungary’s largest conference and exhibition centers, making it the ideal spot to meet and greet prospective employers as it often hosts high-profile business events and conferences.

5. Make use of job portals

You can start your Hungarian job-hunting efforts by scanning through some of the various job ads posted online. Although there are too many to mention in a single post, here are three great job websites you can start out with:

Jobs In Budapest

Budapest Jobs


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