Learn How to Submit your Canada Visa Lottery Application

Have been searching to know the easiest way in which you can submit your Canada visa lottery application? If yes then click to learn how to submit your Canada visa lottery application online. Keep reading to follow the guidelines.Canada Visa Lottery 2021/2022 – In this Article you will learn about the requirements, how to submit your application process and closing date for Canada Visa Lottery portal.

Do you want to apply for Canada Visa Lottery 2021/2022? Then, first and foremost, to apply for these Visa Lottery, this is what you’ve to do; just proceed to canadavisa.com/assess/ portal.

Brief description

Canada Immigration Express Entry is aim at helping interested candidates to migrate to Canada through it’s visa lottery. Is it available for all and sundry provided that you meet the necessary requirements.


The Canadian government is pleased to invite qualified candidates to visit the application portal to apply for Canada dv lottery 2021.


The requirements for Canada Visa Lottery is that; You must be possess the following namely:

  • You must have Prepare a passport photo
  • Prepare passport
  • Flight ticket
  • Travel Insurance
  • Financial Proof
  • Make Itinerary (Itinerary)
  • Proof of Hotel Reservations.

What you should know while applying for Canada Lottery Visa:

  1. Accuracy:  Ensure that your details are accurate and not fallacy.
  2. Dual Application:  Don’t apply twice. Once you have applied for the Visa, don’t apply again.
  3. Application Review:  Before you submit your application, ensure that you go through it thoroughly to know whether there is a mistake. Don’t rush to submit without properly editing the necessary things.
  4. Maintain your profile:  Be sure that you write your name and other details accurately. Don’t make mistake with your name to avoid contradiction.

How to Apply for Canada Visa Lottery 2021

To apply for the ongoing Canada Visa Lottery, ensure you have read all presented requirements. and be sure you meet the requirements. If so, visit the Canada Visa Lottery Portal and “Create your account“ and then verified your account finally,


“begin your application by clicking here?

canadavisa.com/assess/ portal.


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